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  • mohamad

    24 / Never Married / Germany

    ich suche eine gute frau und muslim ich wohne alleine in dortmund...

  • Esselamualeyk

    47 / Never Married / Germany

    Religiös, hilfsbereit, weltoffen, nie verlobt oder verheiratet, harmonieorientiert, freundlich dindar, mülayim, sakin, yardımsever...

  • Mahmoud

    18 / Never Married / Egypt

    I am a normal person living in Egypt...

  • Kairo

    52 / Divorced / Egypt

    Assalamu alaikum  h...

  • dergroße

    23 / Never Married / Egypt

    assalamu alaykum, Wir suchen für unseren Sohn eine ehrliche Ehefrau. Er ist Akademiker, gut aussehend, humorvoll, ledig. Am Alltag prakt...

  • باسل

    49 / Never Married / Germany


  • Mesut

    34 / Divorced / Turkey

    I am from Turkey...

  • Same

    29 / Never Married / France

    Asalamo Alykoum, Here i am seriously looking my future wife In sha Allah. God bless you all...

  • Latreche

    29 / Never Married / Algeria

    Je suis gentleman men je très simple et honnête au sérieux ...

  • Alsulaiman

    29 / Never Married / Syria

    Ich suche einen Muslim oder Anhänger des Islam, der das Eheleben schätzt und heiligt und der die Liebe ihres Mannes und ihrer Tochter hat...

  • Kab

    46 / Never Married / Germany

    Suche mudlimuslim Frau whstWhat 015214815667...

  • samykaul1

    36 / Never Married / Germany

    skype phone...

  • Samer

    37 / Never Married / Austria

    Salam my name is samer i wait for your message...

  • Omer Mohammed

    25 / Never Married / Germany

    ich bin Omar, 25 Jahre alt, bin ein Informatik Student in Deutschland. I am Omar, 25-year-old, I study IT in Germany. [email protected]

  • Happy

    19 / Never Married / Somalia

    İ am a kind, hard working,müslim girl who looking for a someperson that i have with a good friendship....

  • Yermek

    34 / Married / Germany

    Assalyamu Alaykoom wa rokhmatuLlahee wa barakatuhu! I'm looking foreign muslim wife who want's to live by word of Allah Ta'alya and Prophet'...

  • kayaluu

    24 / Never Married / United States

    Am Miss Kayla from USA , I will like to know  more about you, there is something very important i will like to discuss with you. please con...

  • Ibrar

    32 / Never Married / United Kingdom

    British born pakistani muslim residing in Hertfordshire. I come from a conservative family background and have 1 younger sibling. I am highl...

  • Duru

    34 / Divorced / Turkey

    Bin nach der Suche meiner besseren Hälfte...

  • Said

    45 / Never Married / Morocco

    I m a man good sincere faithful practicing my religion. I m here for to find a good lady. Good luck ...

  • Mikail

    19 / Never Married / Germany

    Assalamu Aleykum bin Türke und 19 jahre alt und komme aus münchen ich würde gerne eine muslima finden die mit mir nach quran und sunna...

  • Muhammad

    27 / Never Married / Brazil

    Assllamualiakum, I'm here for my future Wife InshaAllah...

  • Daniel Mathieson

    31 / Never Married / United Kingdom

    I will update this soon insha Allah...

  • Ali ali

    28 / Never Married / Iraq

    مرحبا رجل محافظ لاأجامل احد على خطأ احب الهدوء والطبيعة وللحديث بقية بع...

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